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 Introducing Lillie and Rose, two 4th grade girls in Chagrin Falls who meet quite by accident.  As new students at their school, they quickly learn the hierarchy of girl peers.

There are the Alpha Girls who are the bossy leaders. They attempt to control the others: telling them what to do, what to wear, how to think, and with whom to be friends. 

The Betas are the girls who follow the Alpha and do what they tell them to do. 

And then there are the Gammas, the girls who think for themselves, aren't mean, and solve problems creatively instead of aggressively. 

Lillie and Rose discover they are the Gamma Girls of Chagrin Falls, and the fun begins!

 #1 Lillie and Rose, Cats Ink, 2003, paperback, 103 pages, $10
#2 Lillie, Rose and Irisa, Cats Ink, 2004, paperback, 103 pages, $12.95

 A percentage of the profits from Gamma Girls Book Sales are donated to Summer Miracles: a Kidsave International Program and to Rescue Village, Geauga County Humane Society.

Fireside Book Shop Regional Best Seller List

1 . Chagrin Falls Coloring Book
Tagart $4.95

2 . Calling Hours: A Cleveland Mystery
Glenn Wyville $12.95

3 . Over The Falls: A Child's Storybook Guide To Chagrin Falls
Dave Cockley $5.95

4 . Chagrin Falls: An Ohio Village History
Laura J. Gorretta $45.00

5 . Gamma Girls Of Chagrin Falls #2: Lillie, Rose & Irisa
Janet Kuivila $12.95

6 . Tales From The Browns Sideline
Tony Grossi $19.95

7 . Cleveland Ethnic Eats 2005 Edition
Laura Taxel $13.95

8 . Gamma Girls Of Chagrin Falls: Lillie & Rose
Janet Kuivila $10.00

9 . Max & Annie's Mysterious Campfire
Sandra J. Philipson $18.95

10 . House: A Memoir
Michael Ruhlman $24.95